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In September, 2008, I retired from a full-time position as Administrative Director of the Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center at Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas.  It was a privilege to have the opportunity to assist the department’s founder to see the transition from a staff of two into a large clinical research office with a significant number of investigators, clinical (including RN’s, PA’s, NP’s, research coordinators) and administrative employees.  I was humbled by the announcement that the department name was being changed from “The Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center” to the “Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center”.

I have over 25 years of experience in conducting clinical research studies.  My experience includes editing and writing original protocols, publications, grant writing, conflict resolutions, training of all areas of research staff, development of system-wide research procedures, SOP’s, budget analysis and negotiations, protocol specific laboratory procedures, speaking engagements, protocol specific requirements, developing and implementing marketing techniques and identifying study specific target populations as well as designing original recruiting techniques. 

My goal is to help an administrator, a coordinator, a department head, an investigator or an institution be "the best he/she/they can be" and enjoy the satisfaction and success of participating in clinical research as well as minimizing costs and time for the sites and sponsors, while still keeping an eye on positive cash flow and delivering the best possible care to the research patient.

Additional support staff are available to consult on specific trial-related issues; ie, experienced investigators, financial experts, marketing, auditing.

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