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Effective Solutions offered. Problems quickly solved. Quality communications, continued commitment to our clients and ongoing follow-up.  Let's begin a relationship today.

We are in a unique position as compared with either a sponsor and/or NIH, CRO, monitors and sites.  While all who are committed to research are responsible for conducting clinical research under the mandates of the Federal Code, GCP, as well as other agencies and the FDA, we have the ability to assist sites and individuals bring it all together and answer the questions and provide specific support without being identified as having only one perspective; ie, coming from only the sponsor or monitor’s point-of-view.  We can help to identify the underlying problems, trouble-shoot the potential hurdles, and offer support, advice and potential solutions often while you are under pressing timelines.

We want you to enjoy the satisfaction and success of participating in clinical research, as well as minimizing costs and time for the sites and sponsors, while achieving positive cash flow.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, we want to be sure that every individual participating in clinical research remember the most important people of all – the people who volunteer to be research participants.  They are volunteering to change the present and future of medicine!


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